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 Welcome to Lodium Technologies
90% of the time you donít have to buy a new computer. We can fix or upgrade it to match todayís high standards without the high price.
System booting up a bit slow? Most users will find that their system gets a bit sluggish after a few months use, even if you do have a regular maintenance schedule. So why not give your computer a full service with LODIUM's "Hard Overhaul". For us at Lodium it is all about optimizing your computer, making it do the things you want it to do, faster, and more efficiently. We often hear people complaining that their PC is too slow, though they are usually just as unhappy at the prospect on spending money on it. We at Lodium look forward to streamlining your system for a much more enjoyable computer experience over all and most important saving you money!
For current specials and faster response please call (321) 663-7062 Free diagnosis (a $65.00 value) We will come to your home or office and diagnose any problems with your computer(s) for free.
We take pride and honor in our work. Our main goal is that your system is a trouble free and reliable one for the longest time possible.
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